Social Media Growth, a Surge in Newsletter Sign Ups, Amazing Giveaways, Transparent and Innovative Competitions and Innovative Consumer Interaction, all for a starting price £9.99 per Inventr Board.

Yep that's right and this is my first blog post from Inventr where Inventr boards are a hive of activity. They drive social media exposure for your brand and product, increase newsletter signups as well as driving innovation, feedback, competition and consumer interaction. 

So who should run and Inventr board and why? Any brand who has a website, Facebook Page, or blog is eligible to purchase and run and Inventr board. Our customers range from startups to large corporates or bloggers all looking to continue and increase their social media exposure and newsletter signups with a little spark of imagination through transparent and innovative competitions.

Large corporates or organisations also use our board to boost employee moral, internal innovation and overall competitiveness. More in private Inventr boards for corporate in a later post.

So how do we do it? Here is an example of an Inventr board.

Actually you can see a live version of this embedded in our Inventr landing page here >

You can see in this demonstration McDonalds are asking their customers and fans a simple question in return for £100 or $100 worth of McDonalds vouchers.

At the top left you can see how many days remain until this board expires (234 days) although the live boards are 7, 14 or 28 days long.

At the top right you can see the person who is currently leading the board.

To be in with a chance of winning the giveaway customers and fans will submit an answer and when they do they are offered the chance to subscribe to you newsletter and then to boost their answer across their social networks to gain more points.

First they login with a social media account:

Next they are offered the chance to boost their answer across other social media accounts:


When the answer is boosted it looks like this:


People can then ask their friends and family to boost their answers (one answer can only be boosted by each person every 7 days).

People that boost the answer are also reminded every 7 days to boost again. That is your brand, product, question and giveaway shared across multiple social networks every 7 days. 

Once reminded people are directed to the board via email where they can click the 'Boost my Idea' link, login and re-boost their original answer across as many social media platforms as possible for maximum points.

If you click 'View Leaderboard' you can see the current leaderboard which shows transparency of the overall leaderboard. Each one of these answers can also be boosted from across social networks, so you can be kind to strangers.

These boards can be embedded in your Facebook page, Website or Blog to drive page interaction, social media exposure, newsletter sign ups, innovation and interactive consumer engagement.

To see more, view our Inventr tutorials here to get started or dive right in at